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July 2021

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8 Things I’ll Never Say to a Radio DJ

1. If you’re active on the radio, does this make you radioactive?Yes, I know. Dad jokes. Sorry. I had to get it out of the way. I said this to a DJ friend of mine once. Or, rather, I said it about him and my comment made its way to him via someone else. From the stinkeye he gave me the next time I saw him, I guess he didn’t appreciate the joke. So now I’m thinking twice before I make any further remarks about this honored profession, like: 2. What’s going on in those  ...

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On the Lighter Side

Traditions that Need to Go Out of Style: Thank You Notes

Thank you notes. Were they foisted upon us by greeting card companies, or is there someone else I should blame? I have nothing against thank you notes themselves, just the social compunction to write them. Most of the time, I still dutifully snail mail my “thank you” when somebody gives me a gift. I guess it’s one of the die-hard remnants of my Very Traditional Upbringing. But if this point of etiquette were to join those that have already fallen by the wayside in modern  ...

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