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June 2021

Faith & Spirituality, On the Lighter Side

Things People Say: Christianese Edition

Christianese: a dialect in its own right, spoken by an entire subset of English language users. Like the wind, you don’t see where it comes from, but you see what it does (mostly, makes us look silly). First up, we have money-related Christianese.This really is a thing, you know. We have almost as many euphemisms for giving money as we do for death, which is really telling of what makes us uncomfortable when you think about it. Nevertheless, a whole host of “Christian”  ...

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On the Lighter Side

10 More Things That Make No Sense

1. The expression “Falling in love.”¬† Why is it falling? On what higher level was I before I fell, and (most importantly) what condition will I be in after I’ve fallen? Is it accidental and unplanned like falling into a ditch, falling down stairs, falling asleep? If so, why does the world seem so addicted to the experience? 2. Getting “tipsy” drunk.¬†Failing to “please enjoy responsibly” causes headaches, dehydration, dizziness, and a general feeling  ...

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The Inner Makeup Monologue

When I was in college, it seemed like each one of my five roommates had enough makeup to completely cover the bathroom counter. I was the lone exception with only two items — and now I’ve expanded my collection so much, I can fit it all in one little handbag with room to spare. I guess I’m a makeup minimalist. I never use more than I have to, and I never stray far from the neutral look. This isn’t because I’m unadventurous. It’s just that bolder makeup  ...

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