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May 2021

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To Stay Awake, Perchance to Be Productive

People ask me if I’m an early bird or a night owl. I don’t think I’m either one. When I think early bird or morning person, the image that immediately comes to mind is one of a hardcore spartan who lives on granola and celery and gets up at sunrise every day to go on a 5-mile jog. Well, that’s not me, exactly, which my worn-out snooze button would tell you if it could talk. And when I think night owl, I think of my freshman year college roommates, who  ...

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On the Lighter Side

Coffee Lovers’ 1 Corinthians 13

Though I stock my kitchen with the prettiest of cups and the fanciest of coffeemakers, and have not coffee, I am become as grounds in the pot or curdled half-n-half.And though I host parties like Martha Stewart, and understand the tastes and preferences of all my guests, and though I have all money, so that I could afford all delicacies, and have not coffee, I am nothing.And though I set my alarm for an early hour, and though I determine to get through my to-do list quickly, and have not  ...

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