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April 2021


What Flexibility Is, and Is Not

OK, class, today we are having a pop quiz. Ready? “Last minute” people (a.k.a. procrastinators) are flexible. “Planners” are rigid and inflexible. True or False? For years I believed the answer was True. I myself am of the “planner” variety, and this natural inclination of mine occasionally bumps up against the tendencies of people who are of a more “last minute” persuasion. More often than not, this results in mutual irritation and their  ...

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Lifestyle, On the Lighter Side

A Few of My Favorite Things

In honor of the 56th anniversary of the release of The Sound of Music, and that song we all know and love — “My Favorite Things” — I decided to compile a list of my own favorite things. Just for fun. and in case you might want to give me something. 1. Mint chocolate chip ice cream. In a waffle cone, because that’s the right way to eat ice cream. Or one of the right ways. There’s no wrong way, really. 2. The Pacific Ocean and beaches. For  ...

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