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March 2021


Please Don’t Comment on My Face

I’m going to share something with you, and you can tell me if you’ve experienced this too, or if I’m just crazy. (Actually, don’t tell me if I’m crazy. Just let me live in blissful ignorance, please.) Have you ever been engaged in conversation with someone — or even just minding your own business in a group of people — and had someone randomly comment on your expression? “You look annoyed.” “What is that look for?” “I  ...

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Lifestyle, On the Lighter Side

21 Things I’ve Learned So Far in 2021

On the lighter side: 1. One unexpectedly nice side effect of quarantine, mask-wearing, and public spaces being extra clean and sanitized is that not only does it slow the spread of COVID, you don’t get regular colds and flu so much, either. I’m a fan. 2. Then again, it is a little unsettling how much all the businesses, restaurants, airports, etc. are bragging about how they’re cleaning their spaces. I’m like, Were you not doing this before…? 3. Music and  ...

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On the Lighter Side

7 Things I’ll Never Say to My Hairstylist

1. I’m sorry I have really thick hair. Believe me, it bothers me way more than it bothers you. 2. Please don’t feel pressured to make small talk the entire time. Silence is golden. It’s only as awkward as you make it. 3. But if you’re going to talk while running the hairdryer, please talk a little louder. I’m not the best at lip reading. 4. Why all the diversity concerning the length of an “inch”? Last I knew, it’s one  ...

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