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March 2020

Faith & Spirituality

Of Faith and Falterings

Overall, I think I took the news rather well. But I will admit to feeling some slight uneasiness when my accountant informed me that there would be no tax refund this year. Thanks to a slight bookkeeping oddity in my company’s payroll department, I actually owed taxes for a change — to the tune of about $1,200. There’s never a good time for news like that, but especially not after a downturn at work and an unexpected transmission failure in my gently-used, low-mileage car.  ...

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Help, This Virus Deleted my Common Sense Files

Apparently, there’s something about a global health crisis that brings out the novelist in everybody. People and organizations I didn’t even know had my email address are flooding my inbox with some variation of “Our thoughts about the coronavirus!” Thank goodness, I was on the edge of my seat wondering! Seriously, these emails are coming in as fast as I can delete them. I feel a little bad admitting that, but I can only handle so many missives entitled “How  ...

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