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June 2019

Lifestyle, On the Lighter Side

Traditions that Need to Go Out of Style: Thank You Notes

Thank you notes. Were they foisted upon us by greeting card companies, or is there someone else I should blame? I have nothing against thank you notes themselves, just the social compunction to write them. Most of the time, I still dutifully snail mail my “thank you’s” when somebody gives me a gift. I guess it’s a holdover from my more traditional days. But if this point of etiquette were to join those that have already fallen by the wayside, you won’t hear a  ...

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Faith & Spirituality

Not All Respect Is Created Equal

Here’s the burning question of the day: Should respect be given unconditionally, or must it be earned? The correct answer is: Yes. Both. The answers you’re likely to hear may vary, though. Preachers, teachers, and seminar speakers hold forth on the importance of respect and we’re still not sure exactly what our obligations are, based on what they’re saying. Or we have a sneaking suspicion that those supposed obligations don’t actually make sense. Or, the  ...

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