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Do you hear that?

That’s the sound of crickets.

The sound of crickets filling in a several month hiatus from blogging while I completed an out-of-state move and generally got my life in order again.

Okay, so it was never in order.

It won’t be now, either. But that’s okay, because it gives me something to write about (and something for you to be entertained by).

I finally gave up Blogger and upgraded to WordPress, which, I think, must be a bit like giving up an old Chevy to start driving a Corvette. It really is that big of a difference. Besides, after the demise of Google Plus, I got to thinking: I’m not sure how committed Google is to maintaining any of their other platforms, including Blogger. I’d definitely hate to have my site yanked out from under me. Better to start packing up and moving out before you get the eviction notice.

It was time for a re-branding anyhow. My site name was just a wee bit too generic, and all the more clever ones — all of them! — were already taken, or trademarked. My given name was about the only mark I could safely use, knowing it wouldn’t go out of style in a year. (It was already out of style the year I was born.)

Aside from the layout, this site won’t be much different from the previous one. I’ll be sorting through stuff from the old site now and then and deciding which of it’s fit to re-publish here. For now, I’ve organized posts under three broad categories as follows.

Faith & Spirituality: This is what it sounds like. Be aware, though, that if you’re expecting the typical “Christian wifely homemaker” musings, you won’t find those here. Why? Well, in the last five years or so I’ve “faith shifted” (to borrow Kathy Escobar’s term for it). This means a whole lot of things, but mostly it means my Christianity has transitioned from one that is uber traditional and obsessed with holding all the right beliefs to one that is more nuanced, (hopefully) more gracious, and less uncomfortable with the common doubts and mysteries of life. I hope you’ll read along with me to understand more of what I mean. This is also where I discuss egalitarianism (more on that later).

Lifestyle: Personal interests, nature, good books, good coffee, adventures (and misadventures), personality types, traditions, holidays; finding lost change under the sofa cushions. In other words: real life. I promise it won’t be boring.

(Did I just promise something impossible? I might have.)

On the Lighter Side: In which I try to make you laugh, or at least smile.

Anyway, welcome, and happy reading. I guarantee your spirits will be raised. If not your spirits, at least your eyebrows (we don’t mind controversy here).

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