Sharon Mindy


Advice for Social Moths

If you’re not a “social butterfly”, then chances are you’re like me: a social moth. Social moths are not recluses or hermits, and they’re not “antisocial.” They’re just people who, for whatever reason, aren’t typically at their best in the company of a crowd. They may try too hard to get others to like them, or maybe they don’t try at all. Or, as in my case, social gatherings make them feel like they’re in a play where  ...

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On the Lighter Side

August Holidays

My wall calendar tells me there are no holidays during the month of August. Google disagrees, and so I’d like to offer you the following suggestions for making the most of your summer and your waistline. Aug. 1: Girlfriends Day. Also, Raspberry Cream Pie Day. If you love your girlfriend,  ...

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