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Bed-warming Options: Pros & Cons

This post is written in honor of all those wonderful places that are experiencing cooler fall weather, especially at night. If you live in a place that gets really chilly toward the end of the year, sometimes socks or flannel sheets aren’t enough. Here’s my review of all your various bed-warming options (feel free to comment with any I’ve forgotten):

1. Husband

Pros: You get a heat source that’s the same size as your body — or larger — that can also give you hugs and cuddles.

Cons: Your heat source may accidentally kick or elbow you, snore, sleep-talk, or steal the blankets. Also, heat output is non-adjustable and may be too hot on warmer nights.

2. Dog

Pros: Dog is softer and fuzzier than husband.

Cons: Dog is smaller than husband and therefore less useful as a heat source. Claws, wet nose, and excessive wiggling tend to detract from usefulness, as do the shedding of fur and the leaving of stink on the sheets.

3. Corn bag

Pros: You heat it in the microwave, so you don’t have to worry about the thing shorting out or burning you alive in your bed like you might with electric heat sources.

Cons: Needs to be constantly reheated to maintain warmth. Has a distinct aroma that will probably give you inconvenient cravings for popcorn.

4. Electric blanket 

Pros: Similar to Husband, it will provide you with a large surface area of warmth, but won’t invade your space or hog the blankets, because it is a blanket.

Cons: I don’t suppose there are any, as long as you use newer electric blankets. I can only tell you my experience with the old ones, which were all my parents had and which I heartily don’t recommend, especially after they get threadbare. The wires inside give it a stiff, “crunchy” feeling, and the presence of electric current also means you can hear your blanket buzzing if the room is quiet enough. Kind of weird. I also don’t recommend using electric blankets while sleeping outside (or semi-outside, like on a screened-in porch), because what if it rains? Can you get electrocuted by your bedding? I don’t know, but this thought has definitely kept me awake on many a rainy night spent on a screened porch.

5. Heating pad

Pros: Similar to a corn bag, but you don’t need a microwave.

Cons: Similar to an electric blanket, but (I assume) the smaller size poses a smaller risk. Maybe not. If it shocks you or catches your bed on fire like the tag says it can, I guess it doesn’t really matter what size it was to start with.

6. 18th-century bed warmer

Pros: I don’t know; I’ve never used one before.

Cons: You’re basically sleeping with a frying pan.

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