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February 2019

Faith & Spirituality

Funeral ≠ Celebration

A friend of the family passed away recently. A day or two after his passing, another friend forwarded me an email containing a newspaper article with his obituary and information about his “Celebration of Life” service. It may be none of my business what people want to label their significant life events, but calling it a “celebration”, instead of a “funeral” or “memorial service”, just sits wrong with me for some reason. It makes little  ...

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The Time of Our Lives

I hear it all the time. People say, “Time goes by so fast.” “Time flies.” “Where does the time go?” “I can’t believe it’s been a year already; it feels like yesterday.” I must confess that this phenomenon — the flight of time — has always been somewhat of a mystery to me. I’ve been assured that it will go faster and faster the older I get. Well, I’m older than I was the last time I was told this, and  ...

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On the Lighter Side

Coffee ABC’s

Disclaimer: Okay, I admit it — this piece is old and has made the rounds among friends, family, and fellow coffee lovers quite a few times since it was first written. But still, I think it belongs here. If I were to rewrite this now, I would probably change a few things (like Z, for instance!), but I know this is a classic, so I’ve added edits instead of redoing the original. Enjoy… A is for Arabica, finely roasted. B is for Bunn–the best and fastest coffeemaker I know of.  ...

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